Sunday, 21 May 2017

Beautiful umbrellas to brighten up those rainy days - who is hiding under there?

Persuasive Writing - Is it better to wear a raincoat or carry an umbrella - a very lively debate opens up!

So what do you think? 
we all had a great brainstorm - you can see one group's below - 
and took one side to debate

set our arguments out on a plan
read for yourselves 
what we think

can we convince you?

We felt like it has been raining Cats and Dogs so we wrote some great verb adverb lines!

Collecting verbs and matching adverbs...

May the Fourth be with you!

Earlier this month Mrs Trembath surprised our class with a Star Wars themed day! We we learned how to use Hour of code and there is a great Star Wars coding activity to use (there's a LOT of Maths and Logical applications in Coding)! We also invented our own star wars characters and their unique features. We also watched the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality app of a space shuttle taking off into the atmosphere and then trying to land the shuttle pod back in the sea.

You can also work out the cost of The Millenium Falcon if it was built today out of real construction materials: follow this link

The biggest challenge was the Growth Mindset Challenge of having to work your way over 'laser trips' strung across the classroom and tables!

Chapter Chat Matilda activities this week reading meets maths

Here our buddies from R6 are helping us make 3 D shapes like rectangular prisms and pyramids. We decorated them like licorice all sorts - just like in the Miss Trunchbull chapter!

2nd hand car ads for Wormwood Motors - Matilda's Father is a cheat and sells cars to unsuspecting people!

Lots of licorice all sorts waiting to be eaten!

Ruby's Car Ad poster

Valentina's Car Ad poster

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Chapter Chat Term 2

If you have 
good thoughts
they will shine 
out of your face
like sunbeams
and you will always
look lovely.

A Quotation from Matilda
by Roald Dahl

Hello Terrific 20's whanau
I would like you to take a look at your child's Reading Folder on their School Drive and ask them to share all the tasks they have been working hard on this term. The file to look for is called W1-4 Matilda. It is a slide deck of a variety of activities from Goals for the term to Learning activities to Self assessment. This is one of the reasons why we have been too busy to blog! We haven't finished - we have only just begun! 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Our Visit to Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple in Flat Bush

Looking at the architecture and plantings. We stood gently on the grass borders to show how even if you have an unhappy day or someone speaks to you unkindly you can bounce back through positivity.

Peaceful and quiet place of reflection and meditation.

A paper lotus flower.

We learned about the 3G - do good deeds, say good words, think good thoughts and 4G - give confidence, joy, hope and convenience. Each child was given a beautiful wishing bell and made a lotus flower.